October 8th, 2020

From Clarke’s Gas Services at Brogdale Farm

After a lovely warm spring and summer, the days are drawing in and the temperature starting to drop. More and more of us are starting to use our central heating after a few months of our heating having a well-earned rest!

Now is the time to carry out checks on your boiler and heating to spot any problems before they become a cause for concern.

Here are top tips from Clarke’s Gas Services:

Service your boiler

An annual boiler service is the best way to keep your boiler in tip top condition and avoid a heating or hot water problem rearing its ugly head.  An accredited engineer will give your boiler a comprehensive check looking at issues such as air pressure, emissions and limescale build up in the central heating pipes.

Check your radiators

It’s a great idea to turn your heating up to the max and then check each radiator one by one to ensure that each one is reaching its to temperature. This will pick up any problem or faults with your radiators.

Bleed your radiators

If you are experiencing luke-warm radiators, it could be they need to be bled. This is a nice and easy piece of maintenance that doesn’t require complicated equipment or technical knowledge.

To check if a radiator needs bleeding, turn the heating on and check to see if radiators are colder at the top than the bottom. If they are, then you can bleed the radiator to release trapped air by following the following steps:

If there is air in the radiator, you will hear a hissing noise as the trapped air escapes.  Once the hissing stops and water starts flowing out consistently, shut the valve by turning it clockwise back to its previous position.

Check for drips and leaks

Now’s a good time to look out for leaks or drips around your boiler and pipes. Corroded pipes often leak and are often an early sign that your boiler might have some problems..

Another reason boilers might leak is if the pressure is too high, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the boiler’s pressure gauge as well.

If you spot any leaks, then call an expert like Clarke’s Gas Services who will be able to help.

Check ventilation

It’s important to keep your boiler sufficiently ventilated so that it doesn’t overheat when it’s working so hard in the winter months. The best way of doing this to to keep items away from your boiler to allow for sufficient ventilation. Clear way any boxes and clutter!

Check the flame

Your boiler’s gas flame should normally be blue.  However, if its burning yellow or orange you should contact a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately. This could be a sign that the boiler isn’t burning the gas properly, so there may be a carbon monoxide leak.

Set the heating timer if you are away

If you are going away for Christmas or for some much-needed winter sun, don’t forget to leave your heating on a timer – even if it’s just for a couple of hours a day. This simple step will help ensure the pipes do not freeze up if there is a cold spell while you are away.

Call a Heating Engineer

Whether your boiler needs servicing or repairing, you should contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer.  They are legally allowed to work on gas boiler and heating systems.

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