Brogdale Collections Orchard Pass

Enjoy a selection of special offers from the tenants at Brogdale Farm with your Brogdale Collections Orchard Pass

What is an Orchard Pass?

In order to visit the orchards at Brogdale Collections, you need an Orchard Pass, which lasts you all year and allows you to visit the National Fruit Collections throughout the seasons. This is a great way to see how the orchards and the fruit develop, from beautiful blossom to fully-ripe fruit.

Offers for passholders

An Orchard Pass will also give you access to a range of other fabulous offers from businesses at Brogdale Farm. Individual offer details can be found below. You can claim these from each individual business, it’s best to call them and ask for more details.

You can purchase family Orchard Passes for £28, or individual passes for £13.50. With special offers on massages, chocolate, beer and more – Orchard Passes are great value for money.