Insider’s View – Jane Clark at Country Practice

April 15th, 2021

Jane Clark is the owner and founder of Country Practice based at Brogdale.  She has written about her current reflections on life at Brogdale Farm.  It gives a really nice insight into being a business based at this lovely location.

Life returns after lockdown

To glance across from Country Practice to the happy scene of people eating and laughing, sitting at the tables outside the Courtyard Restaurant, brought tears to my eyes this morning.  This scene epitomises what Brogdale is all about – shared time in a beautiful and safe space no matter why you are visiting.

Tiddly Pomme is an Aladdin’s cave of interest, a hairdresser has just joined our community and, oh joy, an artisan chocolatier today handed me a box of the most amazing scrumptiousness to introduce his company.

We all love Ted the tour guide!

We are tucked away behind the courtyard near to where the tour bus starts and ends its journey.  Something that gives us great pleasure is hearing the guides start their talks.

I probably shouldn’t pick one in particular as they are all interesting, but on this occasion, I would like to give Ted a shout out.  He has been a guide at Brogdale for many years and we therapists are always bowled over when we hear Ted speak.  His warmth, knowledge and passion about Brogdale, its history and the heritage trees in the orchards is magnetising as he shares his wisdom with humour and humility.  We can’t wait for the tours to start up again so that we can listen in.

Talking of trees, Grow at Brogdale is an invaluable place to visit if you are looking for trees to purchase.  This is a place where you can browse, plan and purchase in the company of people who are a fount of knowledge and more than delighted to help and advise.

Love being at Brogdale

Brogdale has been held in my heart and is the place where I have worked for more than 20 years.  It is time for it to welcome visitors back and our community of businesses looks forward to doing just that.

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