January 17th, 2022

Located slap bang in the Garden of England and home to the world’s largest collection of temperate fruits – Brogdale is the perfect place to learn about fruit trees and how to care for them.

If you’d love to learn about growing and caring for fruit trees, then here are some workshops taking place at Brogdale throughout 2022 which you might want to look into!

Fruit trees for beginners at Grow

Grow at Brogdale is holding a workshop for beginners which covers everything you need to know about selecting, planting and looking after a fruit tree.

This includes advice on pests and diseases and how and when to prune.

The workshop is taking place on Sunday 6th February at Brogdale Farm and you can find out more on their website here.

Rural courses at Brogdale Collections

Brogdale Collections also organises a busy schedule or rural courses including:

These courses take place in the unique orchards at Brogdale with very experienced, knowledgeable tutors. They are friendly and fun and designed for growers of all levels of experience.

To find out about Brogdale Collection’s wide range of courses, take a look at their website here.

For more information about Brogdale Farm and its hundreds of acres of orchards, take a look at our About Page here.

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