December 15th, 2021

Our fruit tree experts, Grow at Brogdale, are holding two workshops to help teach beginners everything they need to know about growing their own fruit trees.

The workshops will cover a wide range of information from how to select the right tree for your outdoor space to how to plant and care for your tree.  Participants will leave the course armed with  advice on how to deal with pruning, watering, feeding and how to deal with pest and disease problems.

Donna Cooper, Horticultural Consultant at Grow, says: “At Grow, we understand that people can be nervous about growing their own fruit trees.  Our team members are extremely experienced in grafting and caring for fruit trees and love to share their knowledge with novice gardeners. Anyone attending the course will be able to ask any questions they like to make the most of the course leaders’ knowledge.”

The workshops are taking place at Brogdale Farm in Faversham on Sunday 16th January and Sunday 6th February, from 10am until 1pm.

Anyone interested can find details on Grow’s website.

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