Spring at Brogdale Farm

April 24th, 2021

With the days getting longer, the sun shining and signs of new life all around spring is a magical time.  Spring here at Brogdale Farm is extra special this year as with restrictions lifting we see our tenants returning and re-opening their businesses and we welcome visitors back to enjoy the farm.

With Brogdale Farm being the home of  Brogdale Collections (the national fruit collection) spring would normally be celebrated by the Hanami Festival, a celebration of our beautiful cherry blossom.  Sadly, this year Hanami cannot go ahead, however, visitors can still enjoy the blossom and spend time here on the farm safely.

Visitors are able to buy an orchard pass and take a tour around the orchards spending time enjoying the blossom and nature, then they are able to sit down and enjoy a picnic with friends or family.  Such a simple way to enjoy a spring day.

For more information and to book your blossom picnic visit https://brogdalecollections.org/event/blossom-picnic/

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